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Ok, here we are… Today BB is starting to accept app for BB10 (this will be the new interface: and also allowed developer to convert android native applications with a free tool, and this is good. If BB10 is a hit, the stock will grow, if not RIM is in deep trouble…  but rumors of aquisition will probably make the stock fly.

NOK is on launch for Lumia 920 and the technological introductions are amazing (see… plus they always give a fat dividend, which is always good.

DO NOT take this as an advice as I am not a trading advisor, but it might work.


Why Nokia is coming back

Posted: October 3, 2012 in Big time

I remeber it clearly, I was a pioneer. In the ’90 I use to have a cellphone and that was BIG (not kidding).

Around the end of that decade the phones where contacts, call and sms… and that’s it. My motorola was great and i loved it, reception when no other phone could and a normal size… but then nokia arrived and the T9 was the new heaven of texting.

A lot has changed and now my phone has a microprocessor faster than my pc and a camera better than ever… before the launch of the first iPhone I invested in Apple and seriously that was my best bet in a while.

So, after seen iPhone5 and Galaxy S3, I am here to state that the only real competitor for iPhone will be the Nokia Lumia 920 (

I am buying NOK stocks really soon and I tell you why:

  1. wireless battery charging is just amazing;
  2. the touchscreen work also if you have gloves or a pen;
  3. augmented reality in the PureView camera tells you what you need to know about everything around you;
  4. It runs Windows and the brand new “store” will grow really fast since Microsoft development platforms are the top of the line and the easies to jump-in (we’ll see about the APIs).

I think these points are enough to define the new Lumia the next big thing.

Let me know what do you think… be back on something more “architectural” soon.