So, here we are…

I don’t like definitions, so you’ll find really few of them in this blog… but one I would like to give is my interpretation of the “architect” (I mean, software architect): the software architect is the one responsible if your services are slow, not scalable, hard to mantain and if every problem is hardware related…. but he’s also the one thanks to which you may not experience neither of the problems mentioned.

Please allow me to introduce myself:

  • terribly practical;
  • embarassing hands-on;
  • creative;
  • always alright;
  • modest (or not).

You read architecture, you dream about SOLID approach and why should we go AGILE or BOTTOM-UP, or TEST-DRIVEN… well, thast’s theory and the home of the theory are books… I love books, but I am not here to write one, I am here to share 15 years of experience in multitiered, multiplatform, multieverything enterprise systems.

The posts will be as much organized as possible, but this is a day-to-day fairy tale and every day is different life in this kind of work.

Ah, almost forgot, other than trying my best to be a partner and a father, I worked in enterprise architecture since 1999: COBOL/C++/DB2 on IBM Mainframe OS/390, then Oracle DBA and Java certified developer and since 2003 Microsoft Architect (SqlServer, C#, VB.NET almost every day). I have a pretty good experience on BizTalk and I am a case-of-success on Team Foundation Server and Performance and Scalability.

I’ll try to jump from code to DB, from best practises to security related topics, hopefully I’ll KISS it [KISS = Keep It Simple, Stupid]…

Now too much talking about me, let’s get started, sit back and enjoy!


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