The big M just announced TypeScript… it is defined as a superset of JavaScript that compiles JS.

Here is the great thing: JS allow to write everything you want, but at the same time you have no control and no easy debug, this kid allows you to use a real languarge in a real development environment and then, compiled, you have 100% pure JS…

Here is a fast video introduction from one of the creators, enjoy:


…almost forgot: you can clearly import all you existing JS code and that will be compiled with no problem… gotta try this!



Ok, here we are… Today BB is starting to accept app for BB10 (this will be the new interface: and also allowed developer to convert android native applications with a free tool, and this is good. If BB10 is a hit, the stock will grow, if not RIM is in deep trouble…  but rumors of aquisition will probably make the stock fly.

NOK is on launch for Lumia 920 and the technological introductions are amazing (see… plus they always give a fat dividend, which is always good.

DO NOT take this as an advice as I am not a trading advisor, but it might work.